Bring the Bictiopedia to your communitty hidden, crawlable andor have it more openly networked with other or all peers of it

This is a proof-of-concept of a communitty that wants to define all senses by pairs and rest of other combinations, but without too many epistemologic fields (from all the offered ones):

See the project (also for the mentioned Soulfie outputs in the pic above. Soulfie aims to deliver biometries which to also offer from this bictiopedia implementation. As in the example: Enable Soulfies from heart (but not from brain) for when adding to this bictiopedia in your open -not free, not much federated- communitty.

Here below a further configurative options that could either belong to the communitty product configuration only andor bictiopedia letting you preconfigure it (or just acknowledging it somehow else, for further certifying community standards, for publicity reasons, etc).