Implementation standards and software tools

This page shows Flove love standards (scratchs) and (planned) implementations for being able to further use, thrive and decentralize the project, the more the better.


1. Justification (White paper, see this website for now)

2. Ontologies (in xyz technical standards, see this page for now)

3. Demonstrations (Mini How-to, ProofOfConcepts, Mockups, videotutorials which some are offtopic)

4. Software (Planned) TiddlyWiki bundle, Modules, Decentralized clients, etc

5. Services: (Planned)

(Centralized) with a: Moderated and Bundled SemanticMediaWiki to host only keypairs (highly valued pairs), fed with External Data (SMW module) and TiddlyWiki, etc dumps

(Decentralized) Pools list


1. Import an Open Thessaurus (Roget, Wordnet, etc)

1.1. Use it as an Advisor (of antonyms) for titles (for users adding the oxymoronic pole manually) in a software platform (see softwares below)

1.2. Convert antonyms into an AdjectiveNoun binomials, for then defining the coupled (related) words as single items

1.3. Add custom degrees for Related words (Ex: Single parameter: High / Low)

2. Integrate it at another project (See more at: Import&Export page)

2.1 Light: Suggested content for:, etc

2.2. Medium: Interactive limited bundles:, etc.

2.3. Strong: Bundle it with other bundles