Implementation standards and software tools

This page shows bictiopedia Standards (scratchs) and (planned) Softwares implementations for being able to further use, thrive and decentralize the project, the more the better.


1. Mini How-to

2. White paper: for now

3. Ontologies (in xyz standards..). For now a guided explanation of planned interactivity, here

4. Mockups and videotutorials (some are offtopic: mockups could be broader and half of the videos are about minimaths)

5. Interactive tools: (none yet…)

Proofs of Concept, Decentralized clients & pools, Centralized softwares & platforms


(From easy to hard)

1. Open Thessaurus (Roget, Wordnet, etc)

1.1. Advisor (of antonyms) for titles (for users adding the oxymoron bipole manually) in a software platform (see softwares below)

1.2. Convert antonyms into an AdjectiveNoun bipoles, for then defining the coupled (related) words as single items

1.3. Add custom degrees for Related words (and create AdjectiveNoun bipoles with those)
1.3.1. Single parameter: High / Low
1.3.2. Multiple parameters (coder, admin, user moderated) Multiple birelated parameters (ex: High & Low related to View, See Bictiopedia principle 4: here)

2. (Centralized) software(s) platform(s) & service(s) at (sub.)

2.1. Semantic MediaWiki (and bundles-forks of it)
2.1.1. Create Forms, Categories, Templates, etc Configure External Data module, etc
2.1.2. Integrate 1.* (section above in this page: open thessaurus as addon in smw)

2.2. Other softwares on production status, welcome

2.3. (Decentralized) Client and pools list

2.3.1. …

2.4. Integrated at another project (See more at: Import&Export page)

2.4.1 Light:

2.4.2. Medium:

2.4.3. Strong: All standard in (the lighter and the more customizable, at least as a PoC) as main navigation there, along with other flove accesory apps, where main app and most edgy app to suggest bipoles definitions.

2.4.4. Very strong: + Addon from another project for it. Example: Integrated biometries from standard for the imported bictiopedia standard («all of it» in this case) for bipoles definitions at

Contributions for any of the chapters and further ideas about them are welcome, contact